1966 Batmobile model


Here is the Batmobile from the side. You can see the cerise pinstripes are even all the way across. You can see the height of all 3 rocket tubes and also the antenna that goes through the body [not glued on top] The wheel knock-offs, door bats and pinstripes are all cerise. The door bat emblem was the steel etched part from the deluxe kit. It was glued in the exact center of the door as it was in the show and painted 2 coats of cerise paint.
This is a higher shot from the side. You can see the rocket tube "baloney" cuts are identical. You can see all the labels inside the car as well as the antenna. The door bat emblem is more visible here [no flash]. It was designed like the third season of the show which means it has no white outline. It is a cooler look than the usual one with the white outline. You can see inside the door on passenger side. The lower parts of each door were painted chrome to match the look of the real car, as well as the floor section by the door.
Here is a closeup of the wheel bat. This picture was taken WITHOUT a flash. You can see the cerise color changes in different light sources like it does on real car. The wheels do NOT turn so I glued them on with the knock-off in best position. The knock-off was the steel etched part. Styrene was glued under the knock-off to give it some height off of the wheel itself. Then a small plastic peg was cut and glued on the styrene. This made it possible for the knock-off to fit in the hole in the wheel, and not just glued on top. The white outline was painted around the knock-offs. The outside of the drum brakes were trimmed down as they were made full diameter of the wheel. This is the look on the real car.
Here is a no flash close-up of door bat emblem. It was steel etched and flat. I bent it using a tube and glued it in place using a ruler as the glue was drying to get it even on both doors. There are two coats of cerise paint to level the recessed area of the symbol. There is no way this could be hand painted [I have tried that many times on other models]. This is the perfect scale that only the model company can achieve.

Here is a shot from the passenger side. It shows the identicle rocket tubes baloney cuts as well as the steel spring antenna. The pinstripes are even all the way across. You can see part of the chassis. The entire chassis was left unpainted and the black color it was cast in [like the muffler and pipes. I did not want to take away the sleek black look from the model with the different colors that the pipes would be painted. There were no reference shots of the batmobile chassis and I have no interest in that area. My concern was on-modeling everything else [lables,  rocket tubes, etc] . I also glued the hood and the trunk in place as I don't care if it opened or not. Also not much effort went into building an engine no one would see. Just built the minimum engine that would go into assembling the chassis to attach the wheels when the model was done.
Here is a closer shot. This is the other EMERGENCY BAT-TURN LEVER. It is same scale to arch as in the full size car.  Another close shot of the bat beam.