1966 Batmobile model


Here is the Batmobile from the rear. You can see the three rocket tubes are clearly even and the baloney cuts identical. They were made by using the chrome tubes with the kit. Each tube was cut down and 1/4 inch aluminum rods were glued on the carved down nubs. Each tube was done one at a time to keep the correct angle to the car. This was then glued in place throught the body. Then the 1/8 inch tubes were slipped OVER the 1/4 inch tubes and glued in place. They were then given one coat of chrome-silver paint. The inside was left the natural aluminum color. The antenna was made the same way. The full length spring steel antenna was glued from inside the trunk hole and out the body. It is straight up even with
the rocket tubes. The base for the antenna was
from the kit. The hole in the base was
hollowed all the way through and the
base went over the antenna and slid
down to the bottom and was krazy
glued in place. Solid as a rock and

Here is a side shot. This shows the antenna in sharp detail. It is spring steel and was put THRU the body and epoxied from below. The antenna base was slid down over it and glued in place. The antenna was then cut to a size I liked in relation to the rest of the car.

The clip that goes over the wire was formed with liquid epoxy and was painted chrome-silver. The 2 raised circles---O---on each side of the clips were formed by layering the chrome paint. This is EXACTLY how it looks on the real deist chute bags. The "BAT-1" license plate is dead center. It was made by xeroxing the decal from the kit and gluing it on to styrene sheet and gluing on car. 
This is a dead-on view from the back. You can see the license plate clearly AND you can read it. You can see the black base of the antenna which is very close to how it looks on the real car. You can see inside the the tail light area. It was painted "stop light red". You can see the two outside rocket tubes are the same height [not easy to achieve BTW] and all baloney cuts are identical. They are also perfectly straight up as well. The steel spring antenna is perfectly straight in relation to the center rocket tube [as you can see]. You can see how even the added wire is on both parachute bags
Here is a shot ABOVE the chute bags. I liked the elongated afterburner tube with the interior structure changed to the addition of a central burn tube, so I used the extra one from the deluxe kit [the regular kit had the season one version]. The tube was glued in place before spraying the body was done. As you can see the attached chute wires were glued onto the bags and the go past the bags and into the trunk area like the real car. 

Here is a really LOW shot of the back. The license plate is fully visable and the same look as on the real car. There was no painting done on the chassis. The inner tube of the afterburner was repainted flat black over the sprayed on gloss black. This was how the real car looked.
Here is a super close-up of the rocket tubes. They are 1/8th inch aluminum tubes that were slipped over 1/4 inch tubes already glued through the body. MANY attempts were made to get ALL the baloney cuts at the same angle and this picture shows that it was achieved! The tubes were covered in one coat of testor's chrome-silver to match the paint on rest of the car. It is a better look than if left plain aluminum [less of a shine]. As you can see they are the same proportions as they would be on the real Batmobile and are SOLIDLY on the car.

This shot shows that the 2 outside rocket tubes are the same size and that the baloney cuts are identical. You can also see they are all perpendicular to the body at a 90 degree angle.