1966 Batmobile model


Here is a close up of the interior. The door handles are the steel etched version glued in place after the molded area was carved down. The dome light and antler lights were painted stop light red. the 2 blue knobs by the stick shift were not there. 2 triangular plastic pieces from the kit were cut and glued in place and painted black and blue. The seats were painted chrome all around. ALL the orange labels were custom made and glued in place. The buttons on dash were painted as well. The batbeam on hood was made from the steel etched parts. It was joined with liquid epoxy and was painted chrome and brass to match the car in show. It is very solid as epoxy was added to the thin center of it and it was glued in place. I liked the way the car looked with the glass above the cross bar so I made mine like that.  
Here is the interior in a closer shot. The fire extinguisher is clearer. It was repainted and the bat logo was glued in place and covered in Testor's glosscote. The bat symbol was custom made by me. It is identical to the way it was on the show [like on Batman's costume]. You can see the entire bat symbol in this close-up. The stickshift area, the area behind the extinguisher and the top of the seats were painted chrome and black to be on-model to the show. You can see the blue buttons better. 
The labels are below:

                                                         ANTENNA ACTIVATOR
                                                                            BAT-EYE SWITCH             BAT-SCOPE

All labels are crystal clear on the car. The labels were custom made using the real Bat-font used on the show. They were reduced to 1/25 scale and glued onto the thinest styrene sheet made. Then they were cut into the rectangle shapes, colored with a marker and then glued in place on the dash. You can see they are the EXACT size in scale to the car itself as if it were the full size car. The batram was made by sticking a thin steel piece into the round body and gluing it. The white ball was formed with liquid epoxy. The tops of the steering wheel were flat so a drop of epoxy was added to each side to give rounded look and painted flat black. The interior circle of steering wheel was painted chrome. The buttons were painted cerise around the white button. 

ALSO: The top of the chome dash was a very thin molded line. WAY too thin for the labels to look right. Liquid epoxy was added to the top of the dash all across to form the thick/wider top line of the dash so the labels could be glued on them and match the look of the real car.
This is how the car was made. Interior mostly unpainted with just solid orange
No paint on dashboard or inside doors.All painting was done through
the window opening. The windows were NOT removed.

Here is theother side of the batmobile cockpit. This shot shows the DETECT-A-SCOPE. The label was added after a chrome base was glued on the scope. Then the label was glued on top to match the look in the show. The outside of the round scope is chrome, NOT ht eround part as it is painted in many models. You can see the BAT-SCOPE label  and you can see that the chome handles on each door were added by forming them with liquid epoxy and painting the center black. They are hard to see as they were added in the same place they are in the full size car and are below the dashboard line. The batphone was glued in and painted red. The white molded phone from the deluxe kit was used for this. You can see the red lights under the arch.
Here is a close shot of the iconic EMERGENCY BAT-TURN LEVER label. It is the original batfont and the same size and scale as it is on the real car. This is a closer shot of beacon and 2 round lights. The chome was painted around the lights themselves and NOT on the arch. The arch was painted flat black like the look on the show. You can see the rounded top of the steering wheel and the black dot on the batram. I chose to use the cut aircraft style Futura steering wheel even thought the steering wheel was changed to the full circular Edsel wheel. I wanted the iconic look of that steering wheek on the car.

This shows the batphone clearly. It was the white molded one as when painted red it looked way better than painting the black molded one. The phone was glued in slightly sideways as it was in the show. The stickshift was glued in before the phone. The steel etched pedal covers were glued on top of the pedals and painted flat black. The dash was painted chrome-silver
This interior shot shows the custom sphere shaped door handles scratch-built. You can see one at the 9 o'clock position from the red bat turn lever. It is on both doors and made from the gear shift top. A small hole was made in door and it was slid in place . It was painted chrome and is 3 dimensional and above the door area. You can slso see the bottom of door area painted chrome to match the real car's look.

Close shot of interior again. You can see the rounded tops of steering wheel and the chrome spherical door handle made from extra gear shift knobs . A hole was made in door and the handles were glued in place and painted silver. Just above you can see the custom made door knob.